About the Trust

Hi, and welcome to my rubber room on the web. My site is intended to be a playground for my mind to ramble on about nothing or everything and will also include some attempts (feeble though they may be) at fantasy writing and other efforts.

I am Etherealone, the Lorekeeper of the Trust, and the host of the house. I welcome all who wish to explore total randomness and invite discussion where the visitor may choose to participate. Jadzi, the Gatekeeper of the Trust and contributing co-author of the site, will assist me in keeping discussions clean and above the belt. While open discussion is encouraged, personal attacks and savagery is vehemently discouraged, We, the Trust, are the sole determiners of what is acceptable in discussion.

So, come on in, make yourself at home, and be a Trustee. We leave it to you to decide how long you will stay.

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