Something Oddly Specific

┬áIt really isn’t about the flowers

ValentineRoseThey may be pretty, they may have meaning (in the same way any other beautiful thing can have the meaning that the giver or recipient wants it to have), but they are only that – a beautiful thing. They cannot speak or feel. They cannot express emotion, offer support, or be there for someone in any way other than to sit in place and be beautiful.

If a rose could speak, feel, move, and be alive, it would be you.

It’s only food

Un cuore nel cioccolatoChocolate is often given on Valentine’s Day. I don’t really know why chocolate is associated with romance but it certainly seems to be. Chocolate, however, is only something you can eat. You will enjoy it for a short time, savoring its delicate sweetness and it’s heavy aroma. But, when it’s gone, all you have is the memory of having eaten it and how it made you feel when you did. It can only satisfy you once.

If chocolate could be around and be sweet and offer its delicacies all the time, it would be you.

It’s only a nice dinner out

romantic-dinnerA nice, quiet dinner is something very enjoyable. It offers a chance to unwind and connect away from the toils and troubles of everyday life and household. It is possible to enjoy any manner of food and drink depending on taste and budget. However, it’s only for one night. When it’s over, all that remains is the memory of the environment and discussion over dinner. It goes away and is fleeting.

If a dinner could last a lifetime and provide a memory that never fades, it would be because of you.

All these things make Valentine’s Day nice, but they are only possible when there is someone who is deserving of them. However, after all you’ve given me (on any day), I can’t offer you anything to compare to your love and that you give it to me. I can only offer my love to you and tell you I love you as many times as I can possibly utter it. However, this Valentine’s Day, there is one thing I’d like to ask of you:


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