House Rules

Welcome, and pull up a chair. I am, if nothing else, pretty easy going and welcome all who want to participate in my ramblings. Please read the items below. There aren’t many, but they are solid and enforced. I don’t ask much, but I expect respect to what I do ask.

 House Rules

1. Please treat the webmaster and other subscribers/contributors/commentors with respect. I am all for the honest exchange of ideas, even unpleasant and controversial ones, but only in a manner that avoids personal insults, mindless rants, flaming others for having contrary opinions or any other douchebaggery.

2. I own all materials on this site unless otherwise noted. With respect to media and material from other pages/sources, proper credit is given and expected in return. If I post anything and do not give credit or if you feel i have somehow infringed on anyone’s rights of ownership, please <a href=””>email me<a> and let me know. If you use anything from this site, please post a linkback to here.

3. This is my site, and all contributors are guests/subscribers/commentors at my sole discretion. I reserve the right to kick anything to the curb at any time for any reason with or without notice. Period. Ipso facto, e pluribus unum, and any other cheesy Latin shit I can come up with.

4. Spammers, don’t bother, I delete your stuff.

5. If you don’t like what’s being discussed here, or have any problem with me or any of my contributors or guests, I invite you to make haste in getting off of my site. I’m sure you can find somewhere else to go.

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