Still as true as ever

On this Veteran’s Day, 2017, I really didn’t get any sense of it having been any different than any other day. Yes, I know what day it is, and I know why it’s observed, but outside of that just another Saturday morning with things to do and people to see.

Cecil Blair, died 1945, Pacific Theater

In the course of our events, we decided to stop through the car wash so that my son could see the “rainbow soap” (turns out that’s just about what it looks like). As we pull in, we see something that says that this car wash is giving free car washes to veterans. I jokingly said to my wife “My Dad was a veteran, maybe I’ll get his for him since he can’t be here to do it himself.” We had a chuckle and proceeded to pay for our rainbow car wash.



John Jones, USN 1960(?)

Later, I thought about what was really just a joke but in retrospect is the entire essence of what Veteran’s Day really represents. Whether one chooses to believe it or recognize it, every single thing one does on any given day is possible either directly or indirectly because of our brave heroes who have done what they’ve done. Every single day, I get to “collect on a veteran’s free car wash” because I inherited the freedoms they died for.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again and yet again later. There isn’t a way for me to repay this debt except to understand that very fact and honor my debtors’ sacrifices. There are just many veterans who survived to tell their tales and to those who this makes it to, thank you for all that you do and have done and know that there is at least one American left who chooses to pay respect.

My challenge to you, the reader, is to reflect on your privilege that was paid for in blood. Do this privately or publicly; that is your choice. But it is the very least you can do.

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