Sometimes you wake up……….

There are days when I wake up and things seem 100% normal. Nothing happens out of place, but nothing extraordinary happens either. All is as I expected, quiet, normal, and even a bit boring. Even with a new son my life is pretty predictable and I have a pretty good idea about what is going to happen from day to day, minute to minute.

Other days, I wake up and have realized that not only is everything not the way I thought it was, I realize that some things really suck. I see a situation where maybe I’m doing for others who are not willing or never were willing to reciprocate. I am the type of person who enjoys bringing something to the situation if I’m a part of it that will make others who are also a part of it enjoy the situation more. Most days, I like to think that other people are like this too but on those days when I wake up and smell the coffee, I see that this isn’t so.

Some people are wired to always receive more than they give. It’s not to say that they don’t ¬†give at all, or that they don’t give considerably, but they will never reciprocate in the way that I give. It’s not that they mean to, or that they are setting out to somehow cause me pain, but it is the net result. Talking about it is worthless as the concerned parties become nothing but defensive and that is even worse.

I don’t know if there is a solution, I won’t change who i am, and they likely won’t change who they are. I just somehow with the score would even up a little without me having to force the issue.

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