Moonlighting Agreement Sample

AXIS Legal Counsel provides legal advice to many companies across California, with a wide range of legal issues including employment, labour relations, labor law and wage and scheduling issues, as well as compliance with California`s many labor and labor laws. We have helped clients develop employment policies, prepared California`s wage and hour laws, management manuals, management agreements, employment contracts, self-employment contracts and many similar labour and labour law issues. We have also represented clients in disputes involving employee disputes and independent contractors, mediations, court proceedings and arbitration proceedings. For information regarding the retention of AXIS legal advisors to represent your company on legal matters, contact or call (213) 403-0130 for a confidential consultation. The main objective of a moonlighting policy is to give clear expectations that an employee`s duties in your company should be their main task and that external activities should never affect the performance of the job. Moonlighting policies are created to protect your business. Conflict of interest policies also help ensure your employees don`t work for your competitors while working for you. The only time you really need to deal with an employee`s moonlight habits is when they affect your business and the employee`s performance in his or her work. When developing a moonlighting policy, use it when advising employees on problems you perceive as other problems for your business. In addition, some agreements even prohibit an employee from participating in activities that may take too much time and energy. For example, if you are considering starting a new business or continuing a part-time job that you love, consult your employer to make sure these activities are allowed and can be reflected in your contract. If you are concerned that another job will affect an employee`s work for your company, or if you want to prohibit employees from working for competitors, you may want to protect your business by using a moonlighting policy. When developing your moonlighting directive, consider including a clause stating that employees must first obtain authorization before obtaining an external job.

Below are two examples of moonlighting policies that contain an example of language that is appropriate for this type of clause. WARNING: DO NOT simply take a policy or add it to your manual or manual without consulting a rhist specialist or a qualified labour law specialist. A standard directive may not be correct or even legal in your respective situation. They`ve been notified. An external employment contract sets out company guidelines for workers who leave a job who may impair their professional responsibility.3 min. In the wording of your Moonlighting directive, you can include a clause stating that an employee must be allowed to work outside. The following two examples contain an example of language that you can use for this type of clause: Remember that if you decide to implement a Moonlighting directive, you don`t need to prohibit employees from taking other job opportunities. However, it must be clear that a second job cannot affect the work done in your business. In general, moonlighting policies generally take into account the following factors: If you decide that you need a moonlighting policy, do not focus on regulating employee behaviour outside of service.

Instead, any anti-moonlighting directive should focus on the problem of non-interference in your business, especially on the employee`s performance in your company and the hours of work required for your work. Don`t ban employees from having other jobs – it will be difficult to force and could result in the loss of some good co-workers

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